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Troubleshooting Master Poker

With all of the different versions of Windows, and all the different potential Windows issues based on any one individual's surfing and security habits, there is a wide array of little things which can interfere with a clean installation. After years of supporting MP for my Users I am extremely familiar with all likely issues from Win XP to Windows 10. Here is a list of how to easily fix any of those potential issues you may encounter.

If you experience an issue not answered on this page please send me a note describing the problem, along with any error numbers or text, and we'll work it out together. I have not yet failed in deciphering any user's individual issue, which often turns out to be nothing more than a necessary Windows tweak.

During installation the program asks if you want to keep an existing file on the computer that is newer than a file being installed.

To make Master Poker compatible with older versions of Windows the program uses some older versions of database support files. During installation, if Windows asks if you wish keep some of your newer existing Windows files, click YES to each one (you want to keep the files already on your computer). If your Windows system is up to date this could be as many as 8-10 files (with descriptions like 'Jet' and 'DAO'). Once you've gone through this inconvenience the first time you won't be bothered with it again. Master Poker works equally well with either old or new file versions.

When installing the program from the CD you get an error notice that says Windows 'can't register file COMCTL32.OCX'.

This is an issue exclusive to Windows 64-bit computers, typically in Windows systems that have not been completely updated by Microsoft. If you encounter this condition during installation just click 'Ignore', and complete the software installation. Run the MP program. You will likely encounter Error #339 (refer to the next entry down this page for fix).

You get error #339 when you run the MP program.

You're missing a required Windows file. I have obtained the newest version of that file from Microsoft for you. Click the file name below to download the needed file to your computer.


When you click the file above Windows will ask what to do with the file. Follow the steps below:

Try running the Master Poker program. All should be well.

Note: If you have any problem downloading this file please advise, so I can make sure it works properly for all Users.

You get error #3045 or #3050/3051 when you try to run the program.

This run-time error is the result of your Windows security settings. To resolve just right-click the MP program icon and from the drop-down menu select 'Run as Administrator' or 'Run with Administrator Rights' to allow MP to both run and save data to your hard drive (for saving your games).

You get Error #372, #3265 or Error #4121 when you try to run the program.

This is a database conflict caused by remnants of the MP Demo or an older version of Master Poker on the computer. The problem arises if the new version of the program uses the same installation folder as the old one. It's a small matter to fix:

That will give you a nice fresh install into a new folder to avoid any possible future database conflicts.

You adjusted your screen resolution to play fullscreen, but now your Windows Desktop Icons are too large/small.

If after adjusting your screen resolution to make Master Poker play fullscreen you decide to keep that resolution your Windows icons may now appear to be too large or too small. In Win7/8/10 you may hold down the 'Ctrl'(Control) key on your keyboard and roll your mouse wheel up or down to set your desired icon size.

You can't save a game, or save all your 'hands played' to a text file. The program doesn't say there was a problem, the saved files just aren't there.

In some versions of Windows (usually Win7/Vista) you will sometimes need to give permission to allow certain applications (like Master Poker) to WRITE files to the hard drive (which MP needs to write both 'Saved Game' files and 'Saved Hand Summary' files), otherwise Windows is protecting your system using virtualization of any files written to the hard drive (they are only kept in temporary memory until the program closes). The reason Master Poker doesn't tell you there was a problem is because it believes the files were properly written (and they were, they were just written virtually/temporarily).

The program seems to hang up once in a while during play of hands (the Windows hourglass will appear for a few seconds), then will return to functioning normally.

This is usually the result of some other software or process running in the background on your Windows Desktop (usually virus software). Windows needs to use the CPU and your computer puts Master Poker on hold for a few seconds until it's done.

Simple fix, turn off the offending software while you're playing Master Poker (especially if you're power-playing lots of hands with the Zip function). This can often be done just by right-clicking the program's little icon down in your taskbar tray (if you see one). As long as your firewall is up (you better have one), you will not be at risk to viruses while playing Master Poker. Turn your virus software back on before you go browsing the Internet.

The table screen is too small on your computer.

Many computers today come with very high default screen resolution. If the game screen is too small reduce your monitor's screen res in Windows to make MP table fullscreen with a few simple mouse clicks (and reverse when done).

*** If your desktop icons are then too large/small just hold down the CTRL key and roll your mouse wheel to adjust their size to your liking.

The game runs, but is not displaying properly.

If the game does not display properly, ie. opponent screen names and chipstacks are not lined up on chairs, parts of the screen are missing or stat text is not lined up, Windows is likely using an oversized DPI (dots per inch) or FONT setting, which unfortunately is not compatible with MP. Check both are set to normal following these steps:

To resolve ...

For a Font check ...

*** If your desktop icons are then too large/small just hold down the CTRL key and roll your mouse wheel to adjust their size to your liking.

For those New Users who don't know:

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